Flanagan's, Sandown, Isle of Wight

fantastic food and friendly faces



From the Sea


 Crispy Battered Haddock    10.95

served with rustic chips, peas,

home-made tartare sauce

and lemon


3 Smoked Haddock and

Spring Onion Fishcakes      11.25

served on a bed of dressed leaves

with rustic chips and our

home-made sweet chilli sauce


 Roasted Salmon Supreme      11.95

served on a bundle of asparagus

and smoked bacon,

with mashed potatoes and

a watercress sauce


Baked Rainbow Trout          12.95

on a bed of mange-tout, sauté potatoes, peas,

bacon and tomato in a cream sauce


Wholetail Scampi       10.25

served with our famous rustic chips, peas and homemade tartare sauce


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  Chicken Breast          11.25

succulent seared breast of chicken

served with chips, salad and onion rings. 

plain, Cajun or garlic and herb


10oz Hand Cut Gammon Steak     11.75

topped with egg or pineapple

served with rustic chips, onion rings

and salad


Southern Fried Pork Steak        11.95

pan-fried pork steak dusted with southern herbs

and spices served with chips, salad, onion rings,

coleslaw and cajun mayonnaise dip


10oz  Rump Steak      15.95

served with rustic chips, salad,

and onion rings

top your steak with a Stilton glaze

or garlic butter    1.00


Surf it up with Scampi   

6 pieces        3.00


Home-made  8oz  Beef Burger     9.75

made to our own recipe

and served with

tomato and gherkin in a bun

plus our famous rustic chips,

onion rings and salad

add an extra topping for 75p

or 2 for 1.25

Cheddar cheese, bacon, onion,

Stilton or a flat mushroom.

extra BBQ pulled pork  =  1.50


Please note that due to the thickness

of our home-made burger,

although it will have

been cooked thoroughly,

it make appear pink in the middle


Classic American Sloppy Joe Burger  10.95

A sweet and tangy burger mix

on a seeded bun

topped with grated cheese and

served with chips, onion rings and salad


Sweet Potato and Mozzarella Burger  (V)              8.75

a soft mix with peppers and onions

topped with chef’s own salsa and

served with rustic chips,

salad and onion rings



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Lamb with roast potatoes,fresh vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing and gravy

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the summer view from our terrace

See . .  we do have snow sometimes!

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