Flanagan's, Sandown, Isle of Wight

fantastic food and friendly faces



 Chef’s Own Cheesecake   4.50

served with cream or vanilla ice-cream

(please check with staff for the flavour of the week)


Chocolate Fudge Cake     4.40

with hot chocolate sauce

and vanilla ice-cream


Toffee Sponge Pudding       4.25

with custard or vanilla ice-cream


Belgian Waffle            4.25

topped with vanilla ice-cream

and hot toffee sauce


Giant Yorkshire Pudding    4.25

stuffed with vanilla ice-cream and topped with hot chocolate sauce


 Ice-cream         3.95

3 scoops of chocolate,

vanilla or strawberry ice-cream

topped with sauce and a wafer


Chocolate Sponge Pudding    4.25

with vanilla ice-cream or custard


Cheese Board         6.50

a selection of cheeses

with a variety of biscuits


Children’s Ice-cream        2.00

2 scoops covered in sprinkles

choose from strawberry,

chocolate or vanilla


  ------------------------  ------------------------

 Hot Drinks

Tea                       1.50

Fruit / Mint Tea           1.50

Espresso                   1.65

Coffee     regular         1.65

Coffee     large            1.95

Cappuccino / Latte        1.95

Hot Chocolate             2.20

Liqueur Coffee            3.95







What a view!