Flanagan's, Sandown, Isle of Wight

fantastic food and friendly faces

Sandwiches and Baguettes

 Sandwiches and Baguettes

served with a dressed salad and nachos

Sandwiches      4.30

 Baguettes        5.30

Cheddar Cheese and Branston pickle,

Gammon Ham and fruit chutney, 

Tuna Mayonnaise,

Chicken and Bacon Mayonnaise, 


served hot with a dressed mixed

salad garnish and chips

All  7.80

Tuna Melt

Tuna Mayonnaise topped with cheese

 Cajun Chicken

with sour cream and salsa  

 Sausage and Onion with

English mustard 

 Sweet Potato and Mozzarella 

 Smoked Bacon and Stilton

Vegetarian Sausages 


Sandwiches, Baguettes and Ciabbattas

are only available

until  6pm


Jacket Potatoes

served with a dressed mixed salad

and butter    4.30

 Choose your filling   95p each

Chilli,   Cheddar Cheese

Baked Beans     Coleslaw

Tuna Mayonnaise 

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables

with Parmesan


 Omelettes   6.25

Three egg omelette served with chips and peas

Choose your filling   75p each

cheese, ham, mushrooms,

onion, tomato


  Side Orders

Chips             2.50

Sweet Potato Fries    3.95

Mixed salad        2.00

Roll and butter     1.50

Onion rings        1.80

Mushrooms        2.00

Coleslaw          1.00

Eggs  x 2          1.50

Pitta bread         1.00

Marinated olives with feta cheese   2.30



Wadworth's 6X

Goddards Starboard


Our Christmas Party Menu will be available very shortly

What a view!

We get snow too, sometimes!